Independent Directorships

Less is more – Governance Partners strongly believes that independent directorship services are highly individualised and specialised services to a limited number of clients.


A Governance Partners director will contribute a considerable experience in regulatory and operational matters to a management body.


The independent director will limit the number of mandates to ensure availability and timely response to a client’s needs and minimise potential conflicts of interest.


Good governance results from the multi-disciplinary background of the members of the management body. A Governance Partners director will contribute extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • regulatory and legal know-how in the setting up and operation of PE/RE funds, partnership structures, UCITS V, AIFMD, SIFs and RAIFs
  • practical experience as director of fund vehicles and conducting officer and board member of a Luxembourg management company
  • follow-up and deep involvement in the works of the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI)
  • membership in the Luxembourg institute of directors (ILA)
  • general questions on governance and operation of a corporate structure


A Luxembourg resident independent director is a strong element of local substance.

Governance Partners believes that the appointment of a Luxembourg resident professional independent director will allow for strong and efficient ties to the local financial industry, market actors and, if necessary, the financial regulator.


A truly independent member of the board of directors will interact with all service providers and the manager at an “arm’s length” basis, ensuring that investor’s interests are considered in the operation of the investment vehicle and arrangements are made at market terms.

Governance Consultancy Services

Strong and adequate governance structures allow directors to keep a close watch on every aspect of a structure’s operation.

A sound management structure enables directors to control and challenge delegates and service providers, identify and correct potential shortcomings in the reporting and controls environment. Investor reporting and answers to investor queries will be facilitated by strict compliance with internal guidelines, allowing directors in the end to mitigate potential liability.

Governance Partners will be able to assist investment clients in assessing and benchmarking internal procedures and guidelines in light of regulatory requirements and from an operational perspective.