Independent and professional

Outstanding corporate governance at the level of corporate structures and in particular investment vehicles and the management bodies becomes increasingly important to address the constant evolution of regulatory requirements and investor demands.

Facing these challenges requires a solid governance and reporting and controls network, with the management body of the corporate structure, bearing the ultimate responsibility to ensure permanent compliance.

Fund initiators and asset managers feel often disconnected from the legal and regulatory practice and tend to focus on dealing with their investors’ demands. Appointing a local independent director will enable them to obtain access to practical know-how to allow them to operate in line with market standards.

A local independent director is a competent partner and member of the management body that allows to minimise conflicts of interest and implement and maintain a governance structure that will give assurance to investors and regulators alike.

From the perspective of Investors, the appointment of a local independent director will guarantee a high level of independence in the operation of a management body, ensuring that the interests of investors are respected.

A Governance Partners director will provide independence, experience and local substance to a Luxembourg corporate structure.